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Privacy Notice

Destination Services collects personal information through the registration process: service delivery and provision of information and / or delivery of business communications, compliance with all accounting compliance and taxation. Once the user agrees: provide information and / or services shipping, check the quality of service and even provide after-sales service. Send notifications and related products and programs, as well as pass on third-party advertising messages, market and statistics research, marketing and product preferences.


About minimum security, data Appendix B (B mounting on computer media large-scale and electronic equipment and lowest computer and stored would be considered paper or other suitable medium, meet the technical specifications of process safety (Disciplinare TECNICO) requirements) personal data specification. Your personal information will be stored to help you find your own data, data collection is absolutely necessary and follow-up processing, in the form of deadlines, in any case.

Optional way of collecting data

Personal data is divided into two categories: mandatory and optional, as a description of the registration process. The provision of compulsory data and their processing for these purposes are purely service functions. If the user refuses to provide such information or refuses consent, the processing service provided by will be unavailable. Other data is used to provide better service. The customer can provide it or not. To make sure your personal information is always accurate and up-to-date, or to get to a complete system, let us know.

You can receive data objects

Just for organizational and functional requirements, we order some lead internally to handle personal user data, service delivery and closely related including product sales. Employees are appropriately trained to protect and protect personal information and to prohibit it, especially when the implementing organizations communicate or share personal information. Your personal information will not be considered illegal or without your explicit consent that the subject of the license is to be shared with third parties, unless they are contracted: people responsible for the operation, product delivery and return purchase, Bank payments and declarations, including electronic payment service providers, accountants, accounting and tax police or judicial authorities, in accordance with the law and the needs of these bodies, fraud management services. The For these people, it does not need your approval.

Correct customer

About personal information, according to the process of art. Form of personal data processing code 7 (the right to access personal data and other rights to access) you have an understandable, to confirm whether you receive personal information, even if the rights are not yet registered, and their communication. You have the right: origin of the personal data; the objectives and methods of treatment, in the case of the application of the processing, the data can be transferred, or which is responsible with the landlord class for the handling and electronic means in objects or persons, and logical identification to help them understand By national managers or designated representatives.

You must update before two, correct or delete data integration, transformation into anonymous form or blocking illegal processing of data, including data retention requires their objective of data collection or operation of certification will promote the right to transfer or dissemination of data Provided this Requirement is not possible, the rights and protective measures relate to the share of use. I hope to oppose the processing of personal data, for legitimate reasons to you in all its parts, even if it uses the purpose to process the material you use to send advertising or direct sales or the market research or commercial communication of data.

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